Spanish Muse: February 2013

White Dreamy Kitchen

February 26, 2013

McGill Design Group 

House and Home

C J Abbey

Eric Roth

My dream kitchen is creamy white with plenty of seating... 
I'll take any of the above.


Prime Time Foundation Primer

February 15, 2013

This is one of several beauty products I'm obsessed with;

I don't wear actual foundation, just mineral powder. I wasn't looking for foundation primer, but really for something to help my bronzer and blush last longer. I have combination skin and typically within 2 hours, my blush/bronzer have disappeared. The other option was to layer a cream blush underneath, but that just felt too thick and cakey (I could feel the breakouts coming on).

This is a great alternative, it makes your skin feel silky because it's so light. I put this on over my daily moisturizer and then apply the mineral power, followed by bronzer and blush. In addition to helping keep my color, it really does help my powder last much longer and it also toned down the shine that usually develops throughout the day. 

Do you have any beauty products that you just can't live without?

Design Inspiration ~ Color

February 14, 2013

Hector Sanchez 

Joanna Sanchez

Artistic Designs for Living

Feeling really inspired by these colorful designs even though
I find it hard to commit to bright colors on the
walls or on large pieces of furniture. 


Interior Sneak Peak 2.0

February 7, 2013

I found this table on Craigslist and made some minor hardware updates. The "Love" sign I found at the clearance rack at Marshall's, it was pretty dingy and brown, cleaned it up and painted it my favorite shade of blue. This is my favorite picture of my boyfriend and I, our friend took it with his cell phone while we snuck a kiss in the backseat of the car.

Mirror next to the front door.

I have a small collection of hat boxes, I love they way they look and they are great to store items. 

I love vases, especially if they are the color of the ocean. And I love this piece of art, I had organized an art event and had my eye on this piece from the moment I saw and my dear friend ended up purchasing it and then gifting it to me. It was such a sweet gesture and I'll forever remember that moment.

San Francisco

February 4, 2013


I spent the weekend with my sister celebrating her birthday. 
We explored San Francisco and encountered some amazing sales.
We majorly scored at Zara.

Happy Birthday Sis!

Peplum Top: Arden B
Tee: Gap
Leggings: Gap
Boots: Alfani
Sunglasses: Michael Kors via Marshalls