Spanish Muse: October 2012

Major Marshalls Score

October 31, 2012


I am a huge fan of Marshalls and TJMaxx, I have been for years. My sister and I are regulars and even text each other pictures while we are out shopping (she lives in the Bay Area). I let out a little shriek when I saw these on the clearance rack and immediately grabbed them, I was even more excited when I saw the price tag, $26! I was lucky enough to find them in my sister's size too! Major score!

Loafers: Adrienne Vittadini via Marshalls

DIY ~ Last Minute Halloween Customes

October 29, 2012

Wednesday Addams

What you will need:
1. Black high neck, long sleeve dress
2. White collars (use a shirt under your dress or cut the collars of an old shirt and sew to the inside of the dress.
3. Black tights
4. Black flats
5. Part your hair down the middle  and make two side braids.
6. Powder your face with shade that is many shades lighter than your own. Go for a ghostly affect.
7. Carry a creepy doll with you if you have one or pin a plastic spider to your braid.

Frida Kahlo

 What you will need:
1. Printed Maxi Skirt or Dress
2. Printed top (if using Maxi skirt). Mix prints, it adds to the costume.
3. Chunky jewelry (the chunkier the better), especially necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Try to use a lot of gold, turquoise and red.
4. Make two braids on each side of your head and then wrap in a crown. Then use silk flowers (cut the stems off) and arrange around the braided crown.
5. Finish off with red lips and paint in a unibrow.

Black Swan

What you will need (this is the toughest one I think):
1. Black strapless dress (hey, maybe you have one lying around you don't wear anymore?)
2. Add black feathers, stones, tulle as you please to the dress. They can be purchased at any craft store and are inexpensive.
3. Tights, I would go for black even though the film used white.
4. Flats
5. Black eyeliner, black make-up, white face powder (simply buy powder in several shades lighter than you normally use). There are many make-up tutorials on YouTube for this look.
6. Pull hair back in a tight bun.
7. Black crown; I recommend buying a cheap crown from a halloween store, go with a design pattern you like and then spray paint it glossy black.

Rosie the Riveter

 What you will need:
1. I don't know anyone who has this one piece denim suite, but if you do I'm shocked. Go instead for rolled up jeans and a denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
2. Red socks
3. Black flat boots
4. Red bandana
5. The important thing with this one is the bangs. Curl them and pin them into tight little curls at the top of your forehead. Then wrap the bandana around your head and tie at the top.
6. Red lips!
7.Make sure you practice the "We Can Do It" pose for photos before you leave the house!

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Key Fall Pieces

October 25, 2012

Love all these pieces and any one of them can really update your wardrobe. 
Ok, maybe not the cat sweater, but it's so damn cute and who doesn't want a cat draped around their neck all day?

Recipe ~ Simple Oatmeal

October 12, 2012

I love breakfast. Pancakes. Eggs Benedict. Huevos Rancheros. I love it all.

I just wish I had more time each morning for a slow brunch type of meal, but I don't. This is a fast and easy oatmeal option when time is limited:

-Quaker Oats

-Brown Sugar
-Nuts (I prefer a combination of almonds and walnuts)
-Milk (optional)

Follow the Quaker Oats cooking instructions depending on how much oatmeal you want and set it aside. Sprinkle the top of the oatmeal with brown sugar so it starts to melt. Now we need to prepare the nuts. Warm up a skillet to medium heat. Chop up a  handful of nuts you plan to use. Once the skillet is hot, add the nuts, a spoonful of brown sugar and about a spoonful of water and saute for about 2 minutes. The sugar and water will start to get sticky and coat the nuts. Remove from heat and add to the oatmeal. Sprinkle oatmeal with a few raisins and top it off with a little milk if you like and you're done. Easy, filling and tasty!

Happy weekend!